Remembering What is Real

The last couple of days here in Toronto the winds were blowing- the trees bending the leaves swirling. And since Wednesday soul winds are swirling across the globe. Storms of fear, anxiety and hate…gusts of anger, shock and uncertainty…. these soul winds are bending our human branches, challenging our roots…calling on our soul roots to dig deep.

This is because every human being, like the trees, has roots, inner roots. And these inner roots keep us steady when storms come. Like the trees, our inner roots are nourished, not by the winds and storms of fear and hate, we are nourished by the substance and being of The Ground of the World. Human souls are strengthened, not by swaying this way and that with the endless debate, human souls are strengthened by roots that push down into the Father Ground.

Dear friends, let us remember, in this time of soul storms and turmoil, that Christ did not come into the world to support a particular political party or a particular country. Let us remember that the real world is not what we see in politics or media. Let us remember that our battle is not with flesh and blood but with spiritual adversaries that seek to fill our hearts with fear and hate. Let us remember that our task is not to fix the world, but to bring love into a broken world. Let us remember that the divine call is still the same as it was before the election; not to eradicate and destroy evil, but in the destructive darkness to find light. Let us remember that Christ walks with all human souls no matter how corrupt, hoping to root us in the Father Ground of the World.

May our roots dig deep into what is real. May our roots dig deep into Christ, the substance of love. So that the storms which are raging not uproot our souls.