Inner Christianity

All around us we see churches shrinking. We see souls wanting nothing to do with religious institutions and for good reason. Even in The Christian Community we are seeing congregations struggle across the globe. Destruction is all around us.

And yet, the great german poet Christian Morgenstern wrote not long ago, “We stand not at the end of Christianity but at its very beginning.”

And Christian Morgenstern said this not because he saw outer Christianity on the rise, he said this not because he thought church buildings were going to start to replacing shopping malls. Christian Morgenstern said this because he knew true Christianity is not an institution. He knew that true Christianity is not actually perceptible to our normal senses. We need new senses.

Dear friends, Christianity is at its beginning because we are meant to shift our attention away from what the outer eyes see, to what the inner eye can see. For real Christianity is always hidden, esoteric, supersensible. It is actually not a set of beliefs, not even a teaching.

In reality, Christianity is a Spiritual being. And to practice sensing the living presence of The Etheric Christ Jesus, this is Christianity.

So, my brothers and sisters, when we see outer Christianity all around us begin to weaken and even turn into something unrecognizable… let this crumbling of the outer be a call to a Christianity that is inner. Let us remember that Christianity is nothing except a shared practice of opening our hearts-eye to the hidden, loved-filled presence of Jesus Christ.

This contemplation by Rev. Evans was inspired by Rev. 1.