Our True Home

After a long day out in the winter world, we make our way home. We brave the freezing air, endure the biting wind. But as soon as we come to our house, as soon as we turn our door-handle and step inside, the harsh cold will be left behind, the light will come on, we will feel the comfort of coming home; in this world, we are kept alive by the warmth and peace of home.

And yet, this world is not our home. For we are spiritual beings on a journey in and through the material world. The homes we have with four walls and a door are but faint reflections of another home – a true home – a spiritual home for every human soul. And the Christmas service is meant to bring our souls into relationship with this true home. We are called to courageously feel through the altar, through the words of the priest and the candles, our true home; the Spirits healing light of grace streaming into us.

Dear friends, at Christmas we celebrate our spiritual home that has come into our material world. Not only do we celebrate what happened 2000 years ago but we celebrate Emmanuel today – God with us now. The Christ has appeared in the realm of earth. Let us come close to Him. Let us lift our hearts to receive His comforting warmth- even when it is dark. For He is the Spirit-Sun at midnight. Christ is our true home.