Awakening the Inner Shepherd

Into earth-night, Into sense-darkness…the Shepherds walked into the unknown. Each one was guided to the stable by his reverence for the message of the Lord’s Angel, each one was led to the holy child, not because of their special knowledge or brilliance; but the shepherds were led to the holy child because of humble devotion.

Within each one of us there is also a humble shepherd, wandering in the night, inwardly seeking the True Light of the world. And just like the shepherds that found the holy child in the stable, this inner shepherd in our hearts is that part of us that can feel deep reverence, the one in us who can fall to our knees in humble devotion, the one in us that longs to praise and worship God.

And yet, in our world and in our hearts, there is so much that would hinder humble devotion, hinder our inner shepherd from seeking the child. Cynicism suffocates devotion. The inability to feel something or someone greater than ourselves shuts out humility. Or perhaps the most difficult hindrance of all to awaking the inner shepherd is forgetting how to bend down and give praise, to inwardly kneel in the presence of what is holy.

For the shepherds familiar journey is much more than a childhood story; it reveals to us how the inner heart finds Christ. And it is always and forever will be reverent humility that opens the door to God.

Therefore, dear friends, at this midnight hour, let us all become simple shepherds. Let us inwardly fall on our knees, and give the gift of our hearts, in humble devotion to HIM.


This contemplation by Rev. Evans was inspired by Luke 2 and the Shepherds.