The True Christmas Gift- The Birth of the Light in the Darkness.

Our modern culture mainly associates Christmas with giving and receiving gifts. Even if it does not look like it at first glance there is indeed a deep truth in this. We do receive an invaluable gift on this day – it is the birth of the light in the darkness.

During the second half of the year the days grow ever shorter. The darkness grows. Imagine a world where in the end there would be no light left, where the days would be spent in eternal darkness – a situation that is a reality north of the polar circle during some of the winter months.

Life, in the long run, cannot sustain itself in darkness. Eventually all growth and evolution will cease, destruction will set in. There will be an eternal stillness. We go through this time of growing darkness but we are allowed to call it ‘Advent’. Something will come. The darkness foretells it. A promise out of the spiritual worlds has been given to us. The light will return – and with it a new creation and the love of the Beings of Spirit that watch over us.

This is our Christmas present from the higher worlds – the birth of the light in the darkness. It speaks of the spiritual world’s commitment and love for us human beings on earth.

Who can match that love?

In the Gospel today (John 21), we hear how Simon Peter himself cannot match it. He speaks of how dear Jesus Christ is to him while Jesus speaks of love.

With the birth of the Christ-light in the darkness of the earth a flame of love is put into our hearts. It will grow and become our present for the worlds of spirit. One day it will transform our earth into the cosmos of love – into a shining star.

This contemplation is by Rev. Contreras given on Christmas day.