Finding Peace-Filled Silence

Coming to Canada has taught me many things, but particularly about the wonders of snow. And anyone who has experienced snow knows, after snowfall there is a deep, peaceful silence that permeates everything.

Deep within each human soul there is also a silence, an inner peace-filled silence that wants to awaken in our hearts. But just like the silence that comes only after the snow, this inner peace comes only after we surrender to whatever falls down to us from above. Like the earth receiving snow, inner peace is given us only after we embrace whatever comes into our lives.

And yet there is so much that would hinder this embrace, this surrender to what is. The desire to have and consume more and more, hinders surrender. Or the temptation to think that what has come down to me into my life is unacceptable, that I’m entitled to something different, this too hinders peace. Or perhaps the most difficult hindrance of all to receiving peace is our deep need to justify ourselves, to blame others, avoiding responsibility, depriving ourselves of surrender and silence in the face of our weaknesses.

Therefore, dear friends, Let us become like the Canadian earth in winter and surrender ourselves to what falls to us from the sky, or like Mary who receives her will from above, and be content with whatever garment the heavens sends down to us, trusting that what we receive now is meant for us. Then, just like after snowfall, we will be ready for the Christmas gift, peace-filled silence that Christ bestows on our hearts.

This contemplation is by Rev. Evans and inspired by Luke 1, The Annunciation.