The sun shining above us can be experienced in vastly different ways. One of them is the sun in its majestic and cosmic quality – it’s light so bright it is impossible to look at it. Its power so strong nothing can withstand it. On the other side we experience the sun as the blessed light of our days. We are happy when the sun shines and its rays warm us. The sun is the life giver to everything living and growing and we take
comfort in its presence.

In last Sunday’s gospel reading (Revelation 1), John the Evangelist recounts to us his experience of the cosmic power of Christ. The Christ, standing almost unbearably high above human comprehension, with eyes like flame of fire, his voice like rushing streams of water and his face shining like the sun.

And yet, as John falls to the ground, stunned by His glory, Christ lays his right hand on him, as a friend or a brother does and says: Do not be afraid. Christ, at the same time seems highest above us and, yet, closest and most intimately near to us. Of Him Rudolf Steiner once said:
“The Christ is not only a ruler of human beings. He is their brother, who wants to be asked about life’s
every detail […] a loving companion in life’s every detail.” Christ is so close to us that we can live with him every day. That we can share our thoughts and our deeds – the details of our life with him. If we become aware of him like this – so close to us – the words that are spoken in the Act of Consecration become true: Christ’s light in our daylight.