Only those who pass through the school of suffering can absorb the divine spark into their soul, the spark which will be sealed in them as the seed of a new cosmos… Neither does the inner light spring simply from suffering well borne. A new motif emerges which has been taken up and treasured through the whole history of Christendom: “The blood of Christ makes man pure and bright.”

Mankind lost the white robe of paradisal origin. The vitality of the sinful human blood – sinful since the “Fall” – is wearing out and coming to an end. The blood that flowed from the wounds of Christ is the bearer of transformed, spiritualized forces of imperishable life. He who learns in the school of tribulation to open his being for the entry of Christ, to receive into his own blood the blood of Christ, obtains through Him Who dwells within his heart a share in the eternal life which bears the seed of the new world, and of which it can again be said, “The life is the light of men.”

The Apocalypse of Saint John 
Emil Bock