To Burn Brightly

In our gospel this week (Rev 12), we see the woman clothed with the Sun. The woman clothed with the sun is a picture of our true humanity. This is an image of what all human souls are called to become.  With the warmth and light of Christ permeating our soul, we are all meant to shine.

And yet, we all know the dragons in us and around us who would devour and steal our shine away. The dragon of our irritation with someone, irritation because they are not behaving as we would like. This dragon, if we let it, devours our shine. Or the dragon of impatience with our circumstances in life, not being willing to endure until the time is right. The dragon of impatience, if we let it, devourers our shine. Or the dragon of a loveless heart, not being able to love what is; this dragon, if we let it, steals our shine.

Dear friends, let us always remember that if we want to shine, we must also be willing to burn. For the woman who is clothed with the sun is also at the same time enduring the burning pain of labor. And even though she is glowing with light, at the same time she is in the burning presence of the dragon.

May we too learn to shine even when we are in pain, may we too learn to shine even in the face of the dragon. May the light in us burn brightly, for the darkness must not overcome.