The Word in Us

“In the beginning was the Word.”

As humans beings, words may well be our most important means. Ideas become words, words translate into deeds and our deeds form the world around us.

Once the words leave our mouths they take on a life of their own. Unseen and unnoticed by us they swirl around us and form the air. They impact the souls and hearts of the people they reach. It is of great importance how the words that come from our lips are spoken. Do we speak truth? Do we believe in what we say? Do we speak with affection and love?

Our words are merely human and not divine. If they were divine they would have an even greater power. The divine word creates. It assumes reality once it is spoke – it becomes flesh.

“In the beginning was the word […] and the word became flesh.”

Through the Christ-Child, born in the dark of the Christmas night the divine word speaks to us. It is a word of creation, a word of truth, a word of love and it sinks deep into our souls. In us it turns into light and through us it assumes form and changes the world around us.

This contemplation by Rev. Contreras is inspired by the John Chapter 1