Becoming a Giver

At this time of year, the life of the seed slumbers under the ground. The flowers, trees and plants have all blossomed and born fruit in the summer, only to give it away in the fall, giving the seed away into the dark winter earth so that new life can awaken. Thus we can see that the ultimate purpose of the seed is to become a giver.

Within every human heart there is also a giver- an inner seed that longs to culminate its life by giving of its fruit. For like nature, our mission on earth is also to grow, flower and bear fruit for world. And even though there is much of our being that must receive, take and consume in order to live, our true humanity is only fulfilled by what we are able to give.

And yet, so often, we are mostly concerned with having instead of giving. Having enough money for retirement, having security, having our health. These are all important realities, even vital realities, but as Christ followers we must always keep in mind, that becoming fulfilled, not merely surviving, but becoming a true human being is never reached through having, no matter how much we have. We are only truly fulfilled through what we offer- what we sacrifice for new life.

In our Holy Nights gospel (John 21), Christ speaks to Peter of the ultimate purpose the human being. Christ tells Peter that if He loves him, if his soul is filled with love for god, then he will  feed His lambs and tend His sheep. Like the seed, Peter is called by Christ to become a giver – offering himself in love to the world.

So, if we find ourselves feeling unfulfilled even though we have so much, or find ourselves wondering what the purpose of all this living really is; Let us listen deep into our hearts, for He is speaking to each one of us, asking ever so gently; do you love me?

Because, you see, dear friends, the meaning of life is not a principle, or a spiritual law, it is a gentle question- a question that we are free to answer, a question that we must answer. For learning to love God in and through all of creation is the purpose of mankind.

This contemplation by Rev. Evans was inspired by the end of the whole gospel, John 21.