The Self is a Seed

A seed is a little wonder. It is a tiny microcosm full of possibilities and promise. However, the seed in itself is also no more than that – a promise. Out of its own forces, the forces laid inside the seed alone it can never fulfil its promise, it can never start to grow. The seed needs the forces from the outside. It needs the cosmic forces and the power of the sun. It needs water. Creative forces that are strong and always in movement shaping the world around us. And the seed needs the ground. The earth to be laid into, stable, calm and dark.

Our ‘I’, our human individuality is much like that seed. We are microcosms in ourselves, full of potential and promise. And just like the seed, out of our own merely human forces we can never fulfil that promise. While the seed needs the forces from the outside, we have to reach deep inside ourselves where we can find the flame that is the impulse of the Christ. In Him we find the creative force that makes us grow, become and transform. And through Him we are led to the source of our being. The ground that we came from. The Fatherground of All Being.

In this way we are connected to the substance of the earth and the universe around us. We are connected to divine powers. We become conscious of the presence of the divine at the core of our hearts. And more and more we will learn to understand ourselves and become what we are meant to be.

This contemplation by Rev. Inken Contreras was inspired by John 17.