Learning the Language of Light

For the earth, light is a gift. The earth does not have its own light, but becomes radiant by receiving, allowing, and reflecting the light from the sun.

Each and every human being, like the earth, is also destined to become radiant. We too are meant to receive light, open up to, and be filled by what is given us by the Christ sun.

And yet, if it were that simple, none of us would be here at this altar. If it were that easy, we would just open our hearts to the one and only light that we find everywhere, and our problems would be solved, our destiny fulfilled.

It’s challenging because there are many lights. And in our time, at this point in our evolution, the human soul is first called to become conscious of the many different kinds of light trying to fill us. We are called to learn to understand and discern the superficial shine of the shopping mall light that promises pleasure but leaves us hollow; Or the light of the artificial blue glare of the screen that increasingly wants to dominate our attention and make life merely virtual. Or the self-righteous glisten in our eye we shun and dismiss others in favor of what we think is good; leaving our soul with the harsh light of ‘correctness’ but without the warm light of love. Behind each one of these different qualities of light is a spiritual being, a light being, each one vying to become our sun.

However, at Whitsun, we are called to practice knowing and receiving the true light of the world – The Holy Spirit. And when our hearts are lit with the flame the true light, bestowed on us like the light of the sun, we know it is the Holy Spirit because it does not leave us empty, dependent or cold and self-righteous; we know the light of the Holy Spirit because it always leaves us warm, free and always with deeper understanding for one another.