The Power of Humility

A great Saint once said, “ I saw the devil’s snares set like traps all over the earth, and I groaned and said, “What can pass through them, what is it that can protect us?” And I heard a holy voice softly saying, “Humility, Humility.”

It is astounding to think that our greatest armour against all the dangers that we face, our greatest protection against all of the darkness of this world, against all the hate and fear and anger and egotism that would snare our hearts at every turn, is not swords or guns, it is not armies or bank accounts, it is not even esoteric knowledge, or clairvoyant capacities; our greatest weapon against the  the adversary is humility, simply humility.

For within each one of us there is a humble heart. This humble one in us is able to let go of blame, and send warmth to those who cause pain. The humble one in us knows that we actually cannot attain humility, but can only let go of our obsession with self and serve what is being asked in this moment. And the humble one is not the one in us who wants to win, to defeat our adversary, but humility actively lets go of winning altogether, knowing that powerlessness is the very doorway to Him.

For Christ’s Love is our protection, and humility brings Him close.