Remembering to Look Up

Our children are not our own. They come from The Spirit through us, not from us. Our children choose us because we give them what they need for their journey, both wound and medicine. Children are gifts for the world, and their destinies shine into the darkness like starlight- light that shapes us parents too just as it shapes them. And even though we say ‘my children’, we would do well to remember that they do not belong to us.

And just as our children are not our own, our lives too do not belong to us. For we live because God gives us life, our efforts only ever take hold of what has already been given. Our various bodies are on loan, on loan from the angels and from the earth. Our destinies are tapestries woven by the hierarchies. Even our our core, our spirit itself, is a gift from the Elohim.

And yet, so often we forget. So often we forget what has been given. We forget because we fall into the illusion that it is only my will, only my thoughts that create reality. We forget because of how challenging it is to feel gratitude for all that we have. We forget that our life is a gift because we get so caught up in darkness that we don’t remember look up at our star.

Dear friends, at Epiphany we are called to remember The Star of Grace– to remember that our lives and our children and our destinies are meant to be exactly the way they are, for they are gifts given by the wisest of givers.
This contemplation by Rev. Evans was inspired by his children.