Fathers Day

What do you give a father who has everything? For not only do so many of us fathers today have all the watches, books and ties that a dad could possibly ever need but imagine what it is like for the Father of us all? What could we gift The Father Ground of the world that He doesn’t already have?

For nothing is outside the Father. Everything that is, from the mighty Seraphim to the Angels to the elemental beings of nature, even evil, all is in the Father. And yet, what is astounding is that The Father is hoping for something new. He is not hoping for a shiny object but like so many fathers, His greatest hope is that his children become who they are meant to be. The Father is longing for a tenth heirarchy, a new addition to the nine already in him, The true human being who loves in freedom. For no other heirarchical angel, not archangels or cherubim, no other heirarchy can love in freedom.

This is why we are here. Every human soul is called to either freely cultivate courageous love and become the gift that The Father doesn’t yet have, or be tempted to allow hate, prejudice and fear to gradually win our hearts, falling into beastliness. A beastliness that is possible in each one of us. A beastliness that has just manifested in Orlando, Great Britian and many other places around the world.

And so, dear friends, if we are to have a chance against the forces of fear in our hearts, we need help. Our personal love is too weak on its own. This is why we are all called by the altar to wrest ourselves free from the load of sin and join with Him who has his being in love. May we allow Him to fill us. May He guide us to become the Gifts we are meant to be.

This contemplation by Rev. Evans was inspired by Fathers Day and our true becoming.