Becoming Lazarus

It is hard to deny our attraction to the sun. When the sun is out and it’s warm and breezy, its difficult to stay inside. But even though the sun is not in us, when we go outside we can feel it’s warmth in our core. Even though the sun calls us from outside, our bodies can feel it’s power inside!

Just like our connection to the Sun outside, every human heart is also connected to the living spiritual sun- the spiritual sun of Christ. For He walks in the spirit before us, calling us out of our small selves. For it is very important that we remember again and again that He is not us; that He is infinitely greater than who we are. But when we turn and open our hearts to Him, like to the outer sun, we can begin to feel His warmth, feel His spiritual power awakening in us.

This inner relationship with Christ is there because every human soul is destined to become a Lazarus. A Lazarus who, like in our gospel today (John 11), is called forth, awakened, resurrected by Christ! We are destined to become a Lazarus who recognizes that our true life does not come from biology, bank accounts or even my inner self. We are destined to become a Lazarus who feels that it is not my I, but Christ is the life and power in me.

Therefore, dear friends, let us turn with trust to our sacred ritual. Let us turn to the path of Christian Initiation of which Lazarus is our guide and model. For the only reason to come to our service is not to be good or to rely on some priest. The only reason to come to the act of consecration is to catch a ray of the Christ sun shining in our midst. May we feel His presence. May we allow His life to warm our souls.

This contemplation by Rev. Evans was inspired by John 11