Walking into the Dark

One of the most beautiful things about this time of year is watching the children walk the Advent spiral. They receive their little candlewick from the angel, and then with courage, begin to walk. All that they have for the journey is the trust that light can be found in the heart of the darkness.

For the Advent spiral is Advent. And like our children, it is a journey that each one of us is called to take. For within each of our hearts there is also a candle, a wick that longs to receive the true flame. This wick is our spirit that is given us by our angel. And the task of human souls is to walk into the spiraling darkness of our lives, trusting that within the dark night there lives light.

And yet, there is so much that would hinder us from finding the flame in the depths; Doubting that light can be found in dark. Or the fear of the consequences of actually finding the light and how that will change our lives. Or perhaps the most difficult hindrance of all for today is the belief that I am already the light, already perfect, and need not spiral into the unknown in order to receive the true light.

Dear Friends, to celebrate Advent means to learn to walk the spiral-
– This means to cultivate deep trust that there is light in the depths and darkness of our struggles,
– It means to find the courage to carry our spirits into what is unknown,
– And it means to have the self-knowledge to know that I am not the light, but must, like the children, prepare my wick to receive the true flame.

For the real secret is that becoming human is a grace, a Christmas gift that we are all called to receive again and again into our spirits. May trust, courage and self-knowledge prepare us!

This contemplation is by Rev. Evans and inspired by Luke 21 and the Advent Spiral.