New Year and Grace

Whenever beginnings come, whenever we celebrate beginnings, they always bring wishes and new resolutions. Beginnings remind us of what can be, of what is possible. Perhaps we know how important beginnings are because in the beginning was the word. Because God lives in Beginning-ness.

And yet, we all know how hard it is to follow through on a new beginning- how hard it is to accomplish a resolution. How often have we decided that we would like to change, only to find after much struggle and tears that our efforts alone are not enough?

In this new year, dear friends, let us indeed courageously resolve to transform! But let us remember that true change never comes through our efforts alone. Real transformation is always a gift- a gift that comes, so long as, the spiritual world deems us ready. Let us remember that change always requires a ‘Yes’ from us as well as a ‘Yes’ from the angels. And there is real peace if we can accept the wait.

Perhaps the only thing we can ever really do to help ourselves is not to refuse God’s grace, to say yes to the divine gift, when it comes.