“And The Light Shines in the Darkness…”

Listening to the CBC the other day, there was an interview with a person, a member of the band performing at the Bataclan stage in Paris during the terrorist attacks. He said how in the midst of the massacre, a lot more people died then could have. He said that the reason so many more died was not because of the killers but because so many were throwing themselves in front of their friends, sacrificing themselves in love for their friends, rather than running in fear.

Within every human soul, within every human spirit there lives this power to overcome fear with love. And even though most of what we hear on the news is all the about the killing, and the fear, this story shows us that in the midst of the darkness we can find a hidden light of love overcoming fear. And today like no other, we are called to develop deep trust and faith in this hidden love, in this hidden courage that is actually the most powerful thing on earth. For no bombs, no guns, no government, no terrorist can overpower the human spirits capacity to love.

And yet, to become aware of this love working in the world, working in ourselves, is not easy, it is not natural, it is not automatic, for our egotism fights it at every turn. This is why strengthening the capacity in us that can see this love, this Christ in us and in others is and will be a struggle.

But if we can begin, for example, to see sacrificial love shining through the horror at the concert in Paris, if we can begin to see the power of Christ in and through the destructive forces of this world, then we become the seeing souls of our gospel today (Luke 21: 25-36), who stand upright before the Son of Man.

And practicing this is Advent, this is HIS new coming!

May we continue to have the courage to behold the light in the darkness!

This contemplation by Rev. Evans is inspired by Advent and the coming of Christ in the Etheric.