In our gospel this week, Peter imagines after experiencing the transfiguration that Christ would want him to build a tent for him. But then the father speaks. “This is my son in whom I rejoice. Listen to him!”

The words of the Father were not what Peter was expecting. He thought he should get to work and build. But what was needed was simply listening to and rejoicing in Christ.

Within every one us is also a Peter. For so often our expectations of what we think is wanted, gets in the way of hearing what is actually needed. So often what we think someone wants, gets in the way of rejoicing and listening to who they really are.

We build up expectations in our minds, imagining other peoples motivations, intentions, what they might be thinking. We create stories in our minds to justify ourselves, our judgements our stance. 

And yet, if we take a moment, like Peter, to look deep into our hearts core, perhaps we too can hear the Father speaking to us: 

Be silent, let go of your expectations, listen to the Son. For Christ is always with you. Rejoice in Him. 
This contemplation by Rev. Evans was inspired by the Transfiguration.