Finding The True Ground

This world that we call home is complex. With the increasing traffic, with unending technological advances that we must learn, with automated robotic responses at every turn, this world is becoming more and more tedious and frustrating. Even with the joys and beauties that the world does offer, it is becoming harder and harder to feel grounded and at home in this world.

And yet, this reality can be a reminder of an essential truth; this world is not our home. This is why in our Gospel this week (Jn 17), Christ says to the Father ‘They are not of this earthly world, as I, also, am not of their world’ For, like Christ, we are spiritual beings on a sacred mission in and through this material world. And the home that we find here, the homes that we have in this world with four walls and a door, these are but faint reflections of another home – a true home – a spiritual home for every human soul. And The Act of Consecration, our sacred practice, is meant to bring our hearts into relationship with this true home. The point of participating in The Act of Consecration is to courageously feel through the altar, through the words, through even the presence of Christ, through all of these to feel our true home; The Father Ground of the World.

Dear friends, true Christianity has to do with one thing and one thing only – that our true spiritual home must now be found in and through this world that is not our home. The Fathers kingdom can now be known to us in and through Christ. As we celebrate Fathers Day in this un-grounded world of ours, let us find our true ground in The Father. For He is our true home.