Christ gives us our Humanity

Its amazing how much children need our attention. They crave it. And sometimes they cry out for it. For somehow children know that human attention gives them something very important.  Children know deep down that being seen, being recognized, gives them life, makes them more real.

Each one of us, every human Self, like children also longs to be truly seen. Anyone who has ever heard someone important to them say “I believe in you” knows this. For really seeing someone, believing in someone gives them life, helps them find their task in the world.

But we also know how dangerous it is to be in need of the recognition and approval of others. This is because human judgment, human recognition so often only sees itself, projects its own shadow onto us, hates its own weakness; leaving us unseen, unheard and sapped of life. And so the child in us must grow up, thicken its skin, become adult.

And yet, the Christ path is to become like children again. But not children desperate for human attention, but children of God, children who long to see and be seen by God. Because the only true medicine for the desperate search for recognition that lives in every human Self, is to practice being seen by HIM – learning to feel HIS compassionate presence.

And this is why we practice at the Altar. This is why the Act of Consecration is so nourishing to human souls. For becoming like children again means awakening more and more to Christ’s loving presence in our hearts, which consecrates us; makes us truly human.

This contemplation by Rev. Evans is inspired by the gospel reading for this week, Matthew 7.