Breathing New Life into The World

We all know that plants give us oxygen. They do this by taking in the poison of carbon dioxide that we breath out and then, with the power from the light of the sun, changes the poison into life-giving medicine. Plants transmute poison from others into the breath of life for the world.

Each one of us, every human heart, is also meant to breath new life into the world – we are actually meant to become plant-like. However, our destiny is to learn to convert the soul-poison of humanity into soul-medicine. But unlike the unconscious plant, our task is to freely, consciously, take on the poison that comes out of our mouths and the mouths of others.

But for this to happen, we must learn to receive The Spirit. For just as the plant can only do this by taking in the light of the sun through photosynthesis, we can only transform poison by learning to take in the healing power of the spiritual sun of Christ!

And yet, so often we forget how turn to His ray. Our minds get stuck on the problem, the issue, the poison. We search and search for the ‘why’, but forget that it is only The Light that transforms. Or, on the other hand, we fall to the temptation of affirming that the spirit-light should do it all for us, avoiding the painful responsibility of really taking up the poison.

In our gospel today, John is the first to bear witness to the Archetypal Ideal of our humanity, He ‘who takes the sin of the world upon Himself’.  For He is our future hope, that we too can become in the image of Him; taking up poison, the sin of the world, and like the plant, transmuting it with the rays of God, into new Life.

This contemplation by Rev. Evans was inspired by the life of the plant and John 1.