Awakening the Inner Sun

Especially in this cold weather, its important to remember that the sun still nourishes all things, all beings. It constantly rays out its light and warmth to our world. When we feel the sun, we feel a being who is constantly giving.

Within each one of us there is also a sun, an inner sun. Like the outer sun, the sun in us is the one who is always ready to give, to ray out our gifts, however small, to human hearts, to the world. This inner sun comes alive in us when we feel true abundance- deep trust that there will always be enough. This inner sun comes alive in us when we love giving more than having.

And yet, even though every human spirit is born to become a sun, to become givers, so much within us would tempt us to withhold. We withhold because of the fear of not having enough; we withhold our gifts because of what we think others will think of us; we withhold because we fall to the temptation that we have nothing of value to offer.

In our gospel this week (Lk 18), the rich young ruler asks Christ how to enter the kingdom of God. Christ tells him that the awakening of this inner giving sun in us is the way. Give away all that you have to give – follow me.

For the kingdom of God is here within us, within this world but not of it. Entering it means awakening the giver in us, our inner sun. For Christ, who is the great spiritual sun is giving His being to us at every moment – to follow Him, to become in His image, means to learn to do the same.

This contemplation by Rev. Evans is inspired by Luke 18.