Opening the Seals of our Lives

In this week’s reading from the Apocalypse a picture is put before our souls: A book with letters outside and inside, sealed with 7 seals. If the seals are not opened, if they are not broken open, the book cannot be read. Only the outer writing will be apparent.

Every human being is like a book. We all have stories of his or her own. We all have within us thousands and thousands of pages, filled with those stories, inscribed with everything we have learned and experienced, all our deeds and the words we have spoken, everything we have held dear, loved and held close to our hearts. These stories have not just been written during one lifetime but through many of them – all the way back to the beginning of time.

But we are also all the stories that have yet to be written, everything that we will do in the future,
everything we will achieve and everything we will become – all this lies already in us, dormant in its seedling stage.

As human beings we are thus beings of possibilities and vast potential. Most of it is yet untapped and unrealized. We can read the title of this books of ours and maybe we can read the summary on the back cover – but this is not all we are. The story is there but the book is closed. It is sealed.

Who can open the book, who can break the seals?

The poet Christian Morgenstern once said: “We stand not at the end but at the beginning of Christianity.” All that we have really seen of Christianity is its first dawn. Its time is still to come. And he who stands before us since the Mystery of Golgotha, who is also the lamb in its purity and innocence has only just begun his mission among us.

He is the one who permeates our hearts with his love and grace, who gives us the strength to follow our ideals and be more than we are.

He is the one who, one day when we have permeated ourselves with the light of his power will break the seals and open the book. Then only will we start to become what the spiritual world has meant us to be – kings and priests before God. True human beings.

This contemplation is by Rev. Contreras and inspired by Revelation 5