Rudolf Steiner once wrote that he could say nothing more esoteric or significant than: Christ is seeing us. Christ is lovingly perceiving us at every moment.

This means that for every human soul no matter where you are on the face of the earth, Christ is giving us his undivided attention- Muslims, Buddhists, new agers, atheists, everyone. Christ is walking with us, beholding us with compassion, and light. This is also a deeper meaning of our gospel this week (Jn1) where we hear John speak “Behold, the lamb of God who takes the sin of the world upon himself”. Taking our sins upon Himself is what His compassionate seeing also means.

And yet, at the very same time, we know that ‘big brother” is also seeing us. Right now. Most likely our phone is on right now and Facebook, google, etc. are listening. We know that with the ever expanding advances in technology and artificial intelligence that we are constantly being monitored, constantly being heard and perceived, data of our behaviors is being recorded in order to manipulate and leverage our desires.

This is the factual condition of mankind. We are being witnessed, perceived, constantly by the being of love and the being of materialism and worldly power. And we cannot change this. But we can choose which being to strengthen. We can choose to strengthen the seeing of Christ.

In as much as we allow and open ourselves to feel loved by Christ, to feel loved by His beholding me, no matter how weak we have been, no matter how many horrible mistakes we have made, feeling His love strengthens Him, weakens the adversary. In as much as we believe that Christ’s seeing is ultimately stronger than the forces of big brother, this strengthens Christ’s seeing. In as much as we value what is truly human over the forces of power, manipulation and convenience, we strengthen Christ’s seeing.

Dear friends, at the root there is one antidote, one medicine for our condition today: that within the dark monitoring manipulation of the adversary, we strive to feel seen, loved and strengthened by the living presence of Christ.