From Creature to Creator

We all know that if we have a job and don’t produce something, we get fired. We all know that if we simply lay on our couch or do whatever we want all day, the world will bring consequences. Even if we decide to ignore our spiritual impulses, difficulties in our destiny arise. The realities of our world are stern.

Our gospel today also proclaims a stern reality. The parable of the Talents proclaims to humans souls that we are not to just maintain what we have, we are not just to sit on the talents and capacities that we have been given. Our gospel today proclaims that the divine world demands something more.

This is because within everyone of us, within every human spirit there is a potential creator. The creator in us is that which can make more from what we have been given. The stern reality is that it is not enough for the divine father that we remain the way we are; for we are not meant to be mere creatures, we are called to become creators! And whatever we manage to create out of what we have been given, no matter how glamorous or how unseen, the divine father is overjoyed.

And yet, becoming creative is risky. For to become creative, we must confront the fear of failing. To become creative, we must confront the fear of what it would mean for our lives to succeed. Becoming a creator is risky because we must confront the fear that what we give is not enough, the fear that our creative offering is not important.

And so, dear friends, let us remember what we have been given. Let us not fall to the fear. Let us worthily fulfill our destiny by continually transforming the creature in us into creator – through Him who creates in all that we create.

This contemplation by Rev. Evans is inspired by the Parable of the Talents