Rev. Evans asked Lidia Marie G. to share with us about what The Act of Consecration means to her. This is what she wrote:

“I woke up empty (this is not a first as it is mostly a lifelong story in this life of mine).  So, I opt for the first aid kit -verses, prayers, reading Spiritual Science, “From Jesus to Christ”, repeating “Trust in God” (which is a recent experience -knowledge for me) “Knowing” that God loves me”.  But nothing seems to help.  Hollowness -emptiness persists.  Well then, there is only one more option (to my knowledge), The Act of Consecration of Man. Except that it’s 8:15 am. I’m in my nightshirt… I cannot walk to The Christian Community for the 8:45 service… wait, Richard offered to give me a ride in the a.m. this week, which I declined because of the evening course.  It would be too much, but even the evening course I’d had to opt out of – ah well.  It’s 8:30 am, “just call him and see”….  Richard says “Ok, sure meet me at the car at 8:30 am.”  Right, so I did.

I could not believe my luck, because over the last few years, The Act of Consecration is becoming… my salvation!

We are early, Robert Bower (a seminary student) is setting up snack and greets me with, “Lidia Marie… nice to see you” (little Joy). I sit in the chapel and remember Jonah’s suggestion of saying, “My heart be filled with your pure life, Oh Christ” so, I repeat the words…

Candle lighting is a moment of new light. Remembering… who helps me to remember?  The Activity, selfless activity of the elementals, salamanders, sylphs (Beings of fire and air) but also the endines (rain, water beings) and gnomes (earth ones) who work through the bees, with summer flowers, sunshine (Christ Light).  All these spirit beings gifting us so we can have these candles. Seven beeswax candles lit on the altar, let’s not forget the Greek orthodox church nuns (mother Irene) who actually make them for us… wow, that’s quite a lot of images, while Tish (another seminary student) with ceremony lights up the altar….

So, as Richard Chomko so beautifully wrote before, I start saying the words with the priest, Jonah Evans – “Let us wordily fulfill….

“The Father God be in us… (7 times)

“Conscious of the Father in our humanity”…

Then I think, “let’s face it… it is hard work to stay connected”…

But by communion, standing between Sylvia and Johana, I know that “Joy”, great Joy inhabits me.  I smile from ear to ear -have great difficulty to contain this Joy which wants to spill out in Hallelujah’s!  And I realise, once again, that this place, in the Church of The Christian Community, with others is the only place in my earthly journey where I experience a Huge Joy, True Joy.

“The PEACE be with you” says Jonah, and my shining eyes spill Light. I am so full of CHRIST LOVE and Light.  How so fortunate and grateful I am, to be with others, on the Path on Earth in Nov. 2019.  Thank you All.

Contribution by Lidia-Marie G., a member of our community