Unconditional Love

Regardless of who you are or what you have done, the sun shines on us all, continually and unreservedly pouring its life-giving rays out on every living thing.

Each and every human spirit is also connected to a sun, the inner spiritual sun. Like the sun in the sky, the spiritual sun is also constantly giving warmth and light to our spirits. No matter how much or little success you have had in this world, or how much you have earned, this life-filled spiritual light is continually bestowed on us all.

And yet, almost every adult spends most of our time earning things. We must earn a living in this world. We strive to earn respect from our peers, trust from our partners. Even when it comes to the spiritual life, we often approach it as something we must achieve by ourselves, win for ourselves, earn. The law of this world calls us to earn our keep!

But there is another law connected to the Altar. This is why communion is so nourishing for our souls because it reminds us that there is another world, here in this world of earning, that is not based on our personal merits and efforts, a reality where we are all equally loved by God. The Act of Consecration is meant to open us up to a this life sustaining love that, like the outer sun’s rays, we can never earn. The spiritual touch of peace that we receive at communion is this shining love, Christ’s love, that everyone who opens up to, receives.

Can we open ourselves to Christ’s unconditional love for us? Can we bear it?

This contemplation by Rev. Evans is inspired by the experience of unconditional love and acceptance of the Etheric Christ.