The Almighty Power

All around us seeds are sprouting, burgeoning. Just imagine how many obstacles a little sprout must navigate to break through the earth, to rise to the sun. First, just to break through the layers of the seed itself, then little stones, little creatures, the darkness all around….it is a small miracle that a sprout can find its way to the warmth and light of the sun. Within the seed there is a force more powerful than the darkness, more powerful than the obstacles, more powerful than the problems all around. It is the force that leads it to the sun.

Within every human spirit, within each one of us we too have this force. But unlike a seed, within our hearts lives the power that is leading us to the Spiritual Son. No matter how many stones we meet, spiritual adversaries, oppressive people, problems or obstacles that we must meet, nothing is more powerful than the force that is leading us to Christ. This is why in our gospel this week (Jn 14) Christ says, “Let your hearts not be troubled. Have faith in the power that leads you to me and leads you to the father’…We are called to keep remembering this power, to keep touching into our hearts core where this power lives- to trust that we are being lead. Because no matter how much darkness, how much evil, how many difficulties there are, the power that is leading us to the living Christ is almighty.

Therefore, dear friends, let our hearts not be troubled. Have faith in the power that is leading us to Him.