Seeing Christ with New Eyes

At Ascension Christ is lifted up towards the heavens. He is being received by the clouds. He vanishes and his disciples – human eyes – cannot see him anymore. Where did he go and when will he return? How can we find him again?

Christ was lifted up to the heavens and he was being received by the clouds – and like the clouds, the air, the atmosphere around the earth he is always with us. Whether we see him or not, experience him or not is a matter of perception.

Christ says of himself: I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. Like the way, the road along which we travel, Christ is never standing still. His very being is creation, evolution, becoming. If we are on the way, too, we will meet him there. Christ also is the truth. In that we become searchers for the truth, he can be with us. As travelers and searchers for the truth we will find a life that is far beyond just being alive. It is a life that we find through becoming and overcoming. He is that life.

Every year through the seasons of the Christian festivals – through Advent and Christmas, through Epiphany, Passion and Easter, through Ascension, Pentecost and beyond, we set out anew on the road, the way that will lead us to Him and to the truth.

This contemplation by Rev. Contreras is inspired by John 14 and Acts 1.