Ebola and Compassion

What is the best way to fight Ebola?

This was the question put to a leading expert on the disease recently. His answer was perhaps surprising for it wasn’t to keep away from each other, or to take some special precautions or drugs. His answer as to how best to fight Ebola was to become aware of it as early as possible by asking each other “How are you feeling, what ails you”. His answer was to take interest in how our brothers and sisters are feeling.

Through this expert, we are called to awaken to our innermost being! Actually, Ebola is calling humanity to awaken to that part of us that can overcome fear with love! For within each human heart the Christ becomes active when we overcome ourselves in some way and compassionately take interest in the ails of others. We are being given an opportunity by the Gods to create more compassion and courage through this disease.

And yet there is so much that would hinder our compassion and love for another; Over concern with our own comforts and desires; Addictions to things that would numb us to pain; Judgments that would dismiss and condemn our brothers and sisters to deserving retribution.

In the midst of this fear and paranoia that the adversaries working through the media have created around Ebola, may the Christ power in us be strengthened in our hearts. For the Christ in you becomes real, becomes true by overcoming fear with love for other human beings.

This contemplation is by Rev. Evans and was inspired by an article written by Rev. Gisela Wielki