Medicine for the Earth

One of the most profound substances on earth is compost. Waste is gathered up and mixed together is a particular way. And then, forces of warmth and heat beyond our power break down and transform the waste into nourishing life giving substance; waste becomes medicine for the earth.

Each one of us, every human soul, like compost, is also destined to become life- giving medicine for humanity and the earth. And yet, much of what we find in our souls, if we are honest, is waste; judgmental thoughts, egotistical emotions; desires and impulses that we would rather not have; soul-waste that so often we would like to just throw away in the garbage!

But if we ignore the waste in our souls, if we don’t take responsibility for the poison in our hearts, it cannot transform into medicine.  We are called to build within ourselves an inner compost pile.

For it is precisely the waste that we transform in ourselves, precisely the waste that becomes soil in our souls that fulfills our destiny.

Therefore dear friends, let us take responsibility for our inner garbage; the blame, resentment and self-righteousness that comes out of our mouths, let us break it down and get to know it, and most importantly allow the spirit power of HIS warmth and heat to change it into medicine.

This contemplation by Rev. Evans was inspired by John 3 and being born of water and spirit.