The Sacred Secret

There is a sacred secret in human evolution. It is a secret that is hidden and at the same time open to all human beings. This open secret is; that within each human soul there is a bride- an inner bride. And this bride of our hearts is being called to holy wedlock with a very special groom. The bride in every human heart is called to a holy union with Christ.

And yet, our Michaelmas gospel (Mt.22) tells us that if this hidden wedding is to take place for our heart, we must become worthy. ‘For all are called, but only individuals make themselves worthy.’

To be worthy for a wedding, the bride in our heart must first really believe , believe that the wedding is real! So when we come up to the altar, to be worthy for this holy (comm)union, we must practice trusting- trusting that He is actually here- waiting to unite with the bride in us- ready to touch us and make us whole…

To be found worthy for a wedding we are also called to receive, we are called to receive and put on the gift of the wedding garment. This means that we cannot remain the way we are. The bride must put on something different. To be worthy we must have the courage to be changed, made new.

And finally, to become worthy for the wedding, every human soul as bride must learn to speak. For above all we cannot be found to be speechless in the presence of God. We must learn to speak directly to the beloved- our words resounding from our hearts core saying “Take me, as You have given Yourself to me”