Giving Gold

Only one thing has changed at the altar as we move from Easter to Ascension. The green on the chasuble has become gold. But how does green become gold?

Green is made of yellow and blue. But any artist will tell us that we cannot get gold simply be adding more of what is already there, more yellow or blue. We must add something that is not there yet. We must give gold to green.

At Ascension, every human soul is called to become spiritual artists and give to the green of nature, golden substance. For since the Christ has disperesed his essence throughout the atmosphere and in the depths of our hearts, our human task is to now paint into nature the colour that it is lacking. Our mission is to give to nature the golden substance of love.

For everywhere in nature we find wisdom, but not love. The lion is guided by the wisdom of ‘lion-ness’ but never will ask itself if killing the dear is a good or loving thing to do? The leaves on the trees transform carbon dioxide into nourishing oxygen for us. But they do it not out of love but the wisdom that has been laid down by the Gods into the leaf. It is our task, the human task, since the Ascension, to give to nature the love that it lacks.

Dear friends, in this way, the green of nature has become our canvas. The golden substance of Christs love, our paint. And the human heart is our brush.


This contemplation by Rev. Evans was inspired by Ascension.