Divine Mother

We hear in our gospel today words that can give us great hope, great solace; we hear the words “In this world you will have trouble and much hardship. But take courage! I have overcome the world.” Christ has overcome the world!

And yet, has the world been overcome? Is greed solved? Is poverty eradicated? Does goodness reign? 

But Christ means a different kind of overcoming, His overcoming does not solve and fix all of our problems.

For on this day, (last Sunday) when we celebrate our dear mothers, we can proclaim Christ has overcome the world not like a father who wants to solve everything, Christ has overcome like a divine mother. He has overcome like a mother who’s embrace comforts us no matter what troubles and hardships we must face. Christ has overcome like a mother who’s love and presence is always there for us no matter how dark things get, no matter what mistakes we have made. Christ has overcome the world by embracing the whole earth with his being, holding darkness with light, comforting our struggle with peace, bearing evil with compassion.

Dear friends, may the eyes of our heart open in us, that we may feel The Spirit’s presence like a divine mother, walking with us in all the sorrows and joys that we meet. Christ has overcome the world- because now, no darkness, no evil, no hardships can separate the warm embrace of The Spirit from our hearts.