Building Moral Substance is the Purpose of Life

The most esoteric lecture, the deepest mantra or meditation, the truest word, all can be condensed into the feeling/knowing ‘Christ is seeing us.’

Just like the sun that shines upon us, weather its cold or hot, weather we are sick in bed or struggling with our tasks, Christ is beholding us, He knows us, He is close to us.

But why? What is He looking for? What is important and valuable to Him?

In our gospel this week (Rev 21), the New Jerusalem, the goal of human evolution fills our imagination. It is a city that is the goal, not a garden of eden. Its foundations, walls, doors, the cities very substance is all made of precious stone. Amethyst, sardonyx, jasper… But these stones are imaginations, symbols. In esoteric wisdom these ‘stones’ are actually moral substances- moral substance that human beings build up, construct in our hearts…

The amethyst of devotion, the hyacinth of equilibrium, the chrysoprase of perseverance; topaz of unselfishness, beryl of compassion; chrysolite of courtesy and tact, carnelian of contentment, sardonyx of patience; chalcedony of courage, sapphire of discretion, the emerald of truth and the jasper [heliotrope form] of love….  “

These moral forces, from the power of faith to the substance of loving sacrifice….we see in our gospel are the very building blocks of a new world- The New Jerusalem! And freely building up these stones of Spirit is the point of life, the meaning of life, for these are what remain at the end.

Dear friends, Each and every one of us are called to become builders, builders of a new city. And at all times Christ, the master builder, is seeing us, helping us and rejoicing in every small stone that we can lay. This means that all the shiny things we acquire in life, all the worldly success’ or failures, all our trails are only valuable to God if in the rocks of life, the precious stone of spirit is forged in our hearts.