Battling for Light

Light casts out darkness. Everyone knows this. The candle pushes away the shadows and the daylight leaves no place for the night. We even say, ‘the lights just turned on’ when we have a new idea, that casts away the dark confusion.

Each and every human soul, each one of us is also meant for light. Our true selves are actually being fashioned of light substance, for Christ’s light longs to penetrate every dark corner of our being. And at this time of year, we can be inspired by the trees who are also fashioning a garment of light by letting go of their leaves, allowing the sun’s light to fill their branches. For our highest destiny is to become like the woman clothed with the sun – clothed with the Christ-Sun, entering through our hearts, streaming out over our bodies, filling the world.

And yet, the darkness within us is deep. Let us not be fooled by those who would tell us that darkness has no reality, for we are in a battle with the dragon for kingdom of our hearts. And the dragons dark flames burn in us. The darkness burns us when we feel insulted or dismissed by the words of another. The darkness burns us when we defend our egotism instead of truth. The darkness burns the more we blame and dismiss the world for our sufferings- the more we only see the dragon in the other person’s eye.

Dear friends, Michaelmas is a time of battle, a testing of our souls. Can we become like the trees and let go of that in us which blocks the light? Can our branches bear the weight of His light? Do we love the Son more than our darkness? Answering yes to this in every moment, is the Michaelmas sword.

This contemplation by Rev. Evans is inspired by Rev. 12 and the Autumn trees.