Driving home the other day, I had an unusual experience. Racing along Highway 407 we were suddenly hit by an intense storm. Snow and hail were swirling and pelting, the road was turning white, I could hardly see the lines. But the unusual thing was that through the storm, perhaps some miles further down the road, there was blue sky. I could see the sun shining in and through the storm. And this changed my journey; the light and warmth of the sun rayed into my destiny with the storm.

Every human being, each one of us, must meet with unexpected storms. Just like the storm on the 407, our destiny storms often hit us out of nowhere as illness, conflict with others, difficult karma. We can often feel, there is no off-ramp. We can often feel, it is our destiny to meet and bear this storm.

And yet, more and more in our time, healing will not mean that our illnesses are suddenly cured, our difficulties cleared up. More and more in our time, Healing will mean to be able to feel the peace of the Christ Sun in and through our journey with the storm.

Dear Friends, to be a Christian means pray to feel His Sun no matter what the weather is like in our lives. For in connecting with His peace-filled rays we are made whole, even if our dwelling is sick. This is why we pray at communion “sick is the dwelling into which You are entering, but through Your word, my soul becomes whole.”