“Rightly understood, chronic diseases can bring about a wonderful maturing of our innermost nature. Prolonged illness can have its compensations in that it makes us more mature than those who are aways well, who are perhaps so full of vitality that one could almost call them ‘unhealthily healthy’. What comes into being through suffering rightly borne could even be described as an inner sun-element. Some such force of spiritual egohood must have been ripening in the sick man at the pool of Bethesda. Christ appeals to this ego-force by asking, ‘Have you the will to become whole?’

Healing in the Christian sense is making whole, transforming the sick, disintegrated human nature into the wholeness which is true Man. It is the mystery of rebirth out of the state of being sick and weak with sin, into the new life that is born of the health-giving Spirit.

Every day in each lifetime is a step forward, a standing still, or a step astray from the straight path. The way is long and full of effort… The road of salvation is trod with courage and a clear sense of purpose. Over it shines the star of Christ, pointing the way, sending the grace of warmth and enlightenment into human hearts.”

~ excerpts from the writings of Rev. Emil Bock and Rev. E.F. Capell