As I was walking to church the other morning, I realized the old adage, “There is no such thing as cold weather, only poor clothing.” Because even though my journey was snowy and a freezing -6, my coat was long and thick, my hat was made of fur, my gloves were warm.

Just like my walk, each and every human destiny is also fashioned this way. Winter is designed by the gods to come. The cold is meant to be in our lives. And if we are to live we must walk even though crisis and pain make us shiver, even though life can chill us to the bone. But let us remember that there is no cold that cannot be met by the right clothing – there is no crisis that cannot be warmed by the right spiritual garment.

Therefore, dear friends, let us learn to put on spirit clothing! Let us wrap ourselves thick with the coat of gratitude, when the cold numbness and emptiness threatens our hearts. Let us put on the fur hat of trust- trust that Christ is with us, even when we are met with biting loneliness. Let us put on the warm gloves of love for our fellow human beings, even when the gusts of anger and resentment blow.

For life is about learning to find and put on the appropriate clothes in order to meet what the heavenly hosts have designed.