In our Michaelmas gospel this week (Matthew 22) we hear that we have all been invited to the holy wedding, that we must not forget to receive the wedding garment when we arrive and most importantly, we must not be found speechless.

And this gospel, this wisdom parable that Christ tells, it lives in our hearts – this gospel lives in the very core of our being. For each and every human soul has a secret invitation to unite the sacred with the profane, the spirit with matter, our souls with Christ. Will we take up this invitation from God? Will we decide to make holy our encounters with one another? Will we find Christ in each and every moment of our lives? Or do we have other more pressing business, do we choose our own plans…

This is the call of Michael.

And will receive the wedding garment? Will we allow the kingdom of God to bless us here and now? Will we receive with gratitude the gifts that we have in our lives? Will we accept the love that God is pouring out to us through all that we are, all that we have and all that we can become?

This is the call of Michael.

And finally, will we be found speechless? Because it is how we speak that is most central to our being. And the true word of every heart is the word of God. And our true word is how we love. Because the only word that can be spoken in the presence of God, is the word imbued with love. We must not be found speechless, without love, in the presence of God. For without love, human life becomes desolate, empty, and we cast ourselves into the outer darkness.

Make everything we touch holy.

Receive the bounty of Life and Grace that is blessing us at every moment.

Speak with love because we are always walking in the presence of God.

This is the call of Michael.