He is the Creative Process

Old forces and new forces, old worlds and new worlds coexist. They are present at the same time and complement each other. They overlap each other. But the transition from something old into something new is frequently hard and does not necessarily come naturally. The more radically different old and new are from each other, the harder it gets.

It is hard for us to let go of things we have grown accustomed and attached to. It is hard to embrace
new ideas and new ways of thinking, new places and new people, different ways of living. And
sometimes it is hard to change just one tiny little habit…

When Christ enters into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday the Gospel tells us a curious story. Christ is riding on a donkey – but according to the words of the Gospel he is also riding on the donkey’s foal. Thus, in a picture, we are told how he bridges two different states of being – one old, one new.

In Christ is present that mysterious element that is able to lift up the old and transform it, resurrect it, into something entirely new. He is the living transition. He is the creative process that takes us unto a higher plane of existence.

We welcome Christ into our soul and he will walk with us, steadfastly, through old and new, through
death and life and, just as the black colour of Passiontide turns into Easter-Red, through the transitions in our lives and in our beings.

This contemplation by Rev. Contreras was inspired by Palm Sunday.