The Weekly Word

At Epiphany, not only do we celebrate the kings, we also celebrate the great baptism of Jesus. We celebrate the reception of Gods light and warmth coming down. We celebrate the Cosmic Sun-star of Grace gradually descending more and more into Jesus, more and more into the world, more and more into our hearts. 

And when our hearts receive Epiphany, when we have an epiphany, we feel we have received new light, new ways of seeing, new life.

Dear Friends, The reality of Epiphany calls us to become people of the gift, a community of the gift.

And yet, in our epiphany epistle/liturgy in the Act of Consecration, we hear ‘may the hearts light of our prayer, meet yearningly, the world light of the star of grace….’ 

This liturgy, these divine words, show us that the gift of grace that god is offering us all the time, must be met by the light of our yearning heart. To become more and more people of the gift, more and more a community of grace, we are called to practice yearning- yearning for what god is offering. For what Christ Jesus is offering is always peace, joy, love, patience, humility, the fruit of the Spirit. When was the last time we felt a yearning in our hearts for more humility? When was the last time we felt a yearning in our hearts for more love or joy? The Christian heart practices this yearning, this longing to receive, this hoping for light.

Contemplation by Rev. Jonah Evans