Real Life

How do we attain eternal life? What does it mean to be truly alive?

This is the question that is addressed to Christ in our gospel this week (Lk 10). His answer is a story. A story about a samaritan who compassionately gives himself, his time, his energy, his care, for the life of stranger. Christ is telling us that true life is to be found now- that eternal life is not to be found in heaven or after we die, but here, now, on earth- whenever active love awakens for another human being.

This means that within every one of us there is also a good samaritan. And to awaken the good samaritan in us means giving ourselves in loving support for the life of another. This is not only how we come into contact with what it means to be truly alive, it is also that being truly alive requires one another- true life necessitates community. For real Christian Community is founded on a quality of heart- a quality grows from the hearts knowledge that we are alive not for ourselves but for one another.

And yet, the roots of loneliness in us are deep- the forces that alienate are strong…. every modern person knows this… For we are so often tempted away from community because of the inner suspicion that there is no one who actually cares without strings attached – tempted away from community because of the inner suspicion that there is actually no place where we can be vulnerable without being used. These thoughts and feelings attempt to keep us from one another- keep us from true life.

Dear friends, may what flows from our altar enliven our hearts togetherness. May He strengthen our faith in the power of self-giving, community building love.

Movement for Religious Renewal

The Christian Community in the Greater Toronto Area