Thirsting for Living Light

The daffodils, the lilies and tulips have wrested themselves free of the weight of earth. Their thirst for the sun’s rays has overcome the downward pull of the mud. And in the Sun’s power of attraction, the blossoms open and are filled with light.

Every human soul is also a flower longing to bloom. For the destiny of every human being is to blossom and be filled with His light, permeated with Gods warmth. And yet, like the flower, what fuels our journey to the Son is not our personal power but our thirst, our need for His liquid rays. Like the flower, what sustains our journey to God is not our might, but that our thirst for the Son overcomes the pull of our darkness. That is why we pray at the altar, ‘Therefore make strong, oh Christ, that in me which wrests itself free of the load of sin…and …joins with You!’

Dear friends, there is indeed something called The Law of Attraction. But the true law of attraction does not come from thinking only positive thoughts or the power in our hearts to imagine what we want, despite what the popular books say. But just like the flower, who is pulled up through the longing for the sun AND down by gravity, the true law of attraction for the human soul lives BOTH in the power of the spiritual sun of Christ as well as in the downward pull of our darkness. The only question remains is what are we more thirsty for? His light or the obsession with our darkness? For whatever we fill ourselves with, that we become.

In the Act of Consecration, our sacred service, we practice thirsting for Christ. For our work at the altar is nothing more than opening ourselves to Christ’s longing to be close to us. May we let him in! May we drink his living light!

This contemplation by Rev. Evans is inspired by the Tulip.